Why choose me?

 Let’s start with values. I believe that our personal values are an increasingly important factor in business, enabling us to align ourselves with like-minded people. 

My values

To me, authenticity is embracing self-knowledge and nurturing self-acceptance so we can be our genuine selves, ‘keeping it real’, if you like.

It also means that we don’t need to do what everyone else is doing!

While the world has gone censorship crazy, let’s speak our minds and not be worried about what others think.

We can respect money without being materialistic, and ensure we always have enough without being greedy. 

We have the right to expect to be paid on time, and to chase invoices!

Security also includes confidentiality – keeping your shared worries as well as your data safe and secure is important to me. 

Freedom represents being free to make choices, make mistakes and to change our minds.

It’s also being able to work where, when and with whom we want.  

I don’t tie clients down to a rigid contract; you can come and go as you please.

All decent people want world peace, but starting closer to home, we can create  peace and quiet for ourselves and our family.

I am generally a calm, down-to-earth person and look for ways to prevent stress in my life. I encourage and enable my clients to do the same.

I ensure boundaries are in place so business does not overlap too much into our personal space.

My Mission

To make life easier

  • Helping you to regain the freedom and head-space to concentrate on the work you love.
  • Helping you to feel like a weight has been lifted, relaxed and in control again.
  • Helping you to feel proud of how your business looks and works online.

About me

I’m based in the North East of England and work with clients all around the world. My business enables me to do the work I love, with clients on my wavelength, and have plenty of time to enjoy life.

I also manage a small charity.

My Myers-Briggs type is ISTP – ‘The Mechanic’ / ‘Trouble-shooter’ (It’s a rare type for a girl.) 

Hobbies and Interests

I love being in nature; the seaside, hiking in the hills and walking in the woods. I enjoy pottering about at home or in the garden, seeing friends, reading and enjoying old-fashioned peace and quiet.

Jackie Salmon

Why I'm different

I believe there’s a balance of elements that need to work together to make your online business stand out, run smoothly and give off the right vibes to attract the right audience. This is synergy.

I call it your Holistic Online Presence.

It’s big things like authentic branding, a secure website and great content, but little things like consistent fonts and proofreading.

I encourage authentic ways of marketing so you come across as the unique person that YOU are – you don’t need to do what everyone else is doing. (You won’t find me on Instagram!)

My services ensure all of the elements are in place for your unique business.

Holistic online presence graphic

I look forward to hearing from you

I get booked up quickly, so whether you need support now or further down the line (or even if you’re just exploring), reach out for a chat now

Who I work with

If you’re still in corporate and are exploring how to quit the ‘hamster wheel’ and set up your own business, I’d love to help you.

I work with aspiring, start-up and established clients. I support lots of coaches, therapists and consultants and truly love to support people who help people.

I’m here to help you to share your knowledge and expertise, and make it easy for your clients to book and buy your products and services. Whether it’s building you a new website, setting up your email marketing or building your course  in Kajabi, I’d love to help you.



A university graduate, I have over 25 years of experience spanning all sectors. Happiest to play a supporting role, my varied career has included positions in executive support, events, programme and project management and training.

I’ve managed people, events, projects, systems, software, and offices. I’ve been managing websites for over 15 years, and designing them since 2018.

Jackie’s Virtual Bureau was established in the summer of 2018 and has grown in response to clients needing experienced, reliable support with their new or scaling online business. Testimonials demonstrate I’m providing outstanding support to my clients.

Keeping my skills fresh and relevant is important and I regularly invest in my own professional development, so you benefit from my training and qualifications without having to do it yourself.

Read my business journey.

Social Media

I’m part of a growing movement of people who are disillusioned with social media. I left Facebook and Instagram in March 2022 and I’m really enjoying the freedom! I know LOADS of other ways to market your business, so if you’re not a ‘Meta’ fan, I can help. I’m still on LinkedIn for the time being, so do come over and connect (click the LinkedIn icon).

Any questions?

I’ve created a Frequently Asked Questions page which should provide answers to any questions you may still have.

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