Simple business branding

Simple business branding

An introduction to simple business branding

What is branding?

Branding is the 'look and feel' of your business.

Whether you’ve set up a brand new business, or you want to refresh your branding, it’s worth taking an hour or so to give your branding some creative attention. And have some fun!

Think about how you want to look. This will affect how you come across to your audience.

Are you cool and collected, warm and inviting, established and high brow, or fun and funky? Consider your personality type, and write down some key words.

Colour meanings

Colour meanings in branding

You can see why I chose orange, cream and brown for my branding!

Colours generate certain feelings and moods, and they are really useful to help you work out what kind of image, or emotion you want to project for your business.

This article gives more detail on the psychology of colour. 

Play around with your branding!

If you need inspiration, there are tons of design sites to check out, including  which is ultra cool!

Also look at Adobe; this link takes you to an article on creating a mood board.

Good old Google can help. Say you love tropical colours. Type ‘tropical’ into Google and see what comes up to inspire you.

Have fun!

How to create a simple colour palette

Once you have some ideas, or a mood board, you can start to create a simple colour palette for use across your business.

Check out my video on how to create a simple colour palette which shows you how to grab the ‘hex codes’ for a consistent look.

Canva is an essential branding tool

A business must-have is a Canva account. It’s free. Canva is a design platform and is wonderful for beginners; it gives you the freedom to unleash your creativity. 

You can create graphics, social media posts and all manner of documents using their templates, which over time will inspire you to create your own. Why not have a go at a ‘do it yourself’ logo, using one of Canva’s free logo templates, then customise it using your new colour palette.

There are tons of templates and tutorials, and if you want to upgrade, for around £11 per month you get access to their Pro account. I have done this and have found it is worth every penny. In Pro, you can also resize the same design for use across different channels, saving lots of time.

Choose one or two fonts, and stick with them

Finally, you need a consistent font. It needs to be easy to read, especially on mobile devices. There are no hard and fast rules (plus you can be as creative as you want to be), but here is a handy article about fonts and typography.

With your colour palette, logo and font all sorted, you’re pretty much there. Now you can design business cards, documents, banners, flyers and all kinds of cool stuff. As long as use your colours and fonts consistently, all of your stuff will look the same.

People will know it’s you!


Try to see your brand as the ‘essence of you and your business.’ If you look at it this way, you won’t get hung up about it. It’s not set in stone because your brand will develop over time as you and your business grows and evolves. Have fun! 

How to be more visible online

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