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One thing I did recently, to make my life a little easier, was to get some help from Jackie.

I initially wanted to set up my website all by myself.
Because I knew I could, paying someone to do it felt like a luxury.

What I did not take into consideration was that I had a million other things to do which were more important to me, so the website did not materialize.

I finally decided to ask Jackie, who made me a beautiful website in just a couple of weeks.

In that time, I launched my group coaching programme and looked after my clients so it was definitely worth getting some help.

And now I have a beautiful website! Please go and check it at www.heedfulcoaching.com

I recommend Jackie, it was really easy to work with her. Jackie knew exactly what I wanted and the first draft of my website was amazing.

Delphine, Business & Life Coach

This is all great work thank you, and I wouldn’t have managed without you!

You’ve transformed my life!

I can highly recommend Jackie.

Tracey, Award winning Therapist

A website genius! I am technically challenged and you’ve been a great support and so patient.

Lorraine, Mindfulness coach

I have had more time to be creative and focus on strategy and growth, work gets done on time, and I’m relieved to know I’m supported.

Sarah, Strategy & Alignment Coach

Thank you Jackie, your help has freed up my time to focus on more client things. It’s been a pleasure to work with you.


Charlotte, Leadership Coach

I said to myself at the start of this year (2021) that I’m going to set myself consistent stretch goals for this year. My first one was to host a Life Clarity workshop – which I did today! I’m so chuffed especially as I had some interested clients afterwards.

I’m so grateful to Jackie, without whom this would not have been possible! She helped me navigate tools and set me up on Mailchimp to make everything easier for me! Always there when you need her. You are one fabulous lady Jackie – thank you so much.

Shilpa, Personal Transformation Coach

Thank you so much Jackie for your help with organising my blog, website, newsletter, social media and all the links that go with it.

I wish I’d found you sooner as it would have saved a lot of time and frustration!

Jackie is so good at all those admin and technical jobs I’m not good at and keep putting off.

She has saved me so much time and I’ve even learned how to do some of it myself now. I find I am relying on Jackie’s skills more and more, and she takes a weight from my shoulders.

I’m really enjoying working with Jackie on my new website.

Helen, Massage Therapy Practice Owner

Jackie stepped in to help me provide analysis and reporting for an important client commitment.

Her service was timely, accurate and responsive which I really appreciated.

Anne, Public Sector Consultant & Trainer

Where would I be without Jackie?

I strongly suspect I would be busy procrastinating and getting nowhere with my work.

When Jackie came in, my work was transformed from dull and matter of fact to bright and interesting!

I now feel excited about the look of my business and feel I have moved up the ladder of professionalism due to her incredible creative skills, logical input and can do attitude….

It might even be rubbing off on me as I am now edging closer to goals I never thought were achievable until Jackie weaved her magic!

Jackie is amazingly talented and I genuinely do not know where I would be without her. She is outstanding at what she does, and her attention to detail is spectacular!

Highly recommend her services.

Jennifer, Spiritual Mentor

My communication with Jackie is sharpening me about how to do it all, and what to do – a valuable asset indeed. Jackie’s focus helps keep me on track…having her on board makes it all feel real, doable and fun!
She puts herself out to help, and her systematic approach bore dividends as all aspects of the work she is doing for me are interconnected.

Jackie, Author & Therapist

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