Ethical Web Design

ethical web design

Ethical web design

This blog post is all about why ethical web design is becoming more and more important to clients. First I will share some common problems that clients face.

Some web designers are motivated by the initial design phase, and the large upfront payout, rather than supporting the client with the long term management of the site.

Designers and agencies often hold the client to ransom for a ridiculously expensive monthly maintenance package, or charge a fortune for every tiny little update.

One of the worst practices of all is when a client is locked out of their own site. I’ve seen first hand the stress this causes.

The result? An unhappy client, often several thousands of pounds out of pocket with a site that isn’t kept up to date. A poorly maintained site with old content will quickly lose visibility. 

What a waste of time and energy!

My ethical web design philosophy

I’m different from the big boys. For a start, I’m a girl, and I work one to one with clients. You get my undivided attention and I work with you on every step of your new site.

Over the years I have developed this ethical web design philosophy, and I really believe in it.

More and more clients I speak to align to this ethical, values-driven way of working. And most clients are small start ups who simply need a nice site, without all of the bells and whistles.

They’re not looking for a fancy agency of faceless geeks, they’re looking for someone they can trust.

5 reasons to choose an ethical web designer

#1 My business is in alignment with my beliefs, which is why I love to work with people who help people.

My clients are mostly coaches, consultants and therapists – people who follow their vocation to help others.

They tend to be people who give and receive from the heart, with trust, and that’s exactly what you get with me.

#2 I strongly believe that YOUR website should be 100% YOURS forever.

#3 I take you through the web design process step by step to empower you and show you what you need to do to keep your site in tip-top condition. (Or, I can do it for you, with transparency, so you know exactly what I’m doing.)

#4 I believe in looking at a website over the long term. Like your car, your website needs to be maintained and updated consistently so it;

  • Looks great
  • Has up to date content
  • Stays secure
  • Flows, giving the viewer a great experience
  • Allows your viewers to get a feel for you
  • Provides easy ways for customers to sign up, and buy your products and services

#5 I take a holistic view of your online presence. Your website is the hub, and everything else should link up and look and ‘feel’ the same.

Some people call this your brand. I call it your holistic online presence. From your social media to your newsletters, I help you to develop an authentic presence.

Knowing how to maintain your website is really important

Why knowing how to maintain your website is really important

Ideally, you should know how your site works, how to update and maintain it yourself, or at least know the basics so that you can perform quick updates yourself without spending money or waiting around for someone else to do regular or one off ‘tweaks.’

If you get to the point when you want to outsource these tasks, you will be able to trust whoever manages your site for you because you know how to do it yourself. You’ll know EXACTLY what they need to do, and how to check they are doing it properly.

Now you know all about ethical web design!

I hope this has helped to open your eyes to why ethical web design is so important. 

If you want to work with me on your new website, take a look at my website services page 

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Jackie Salmon

About the author

Jackie Salmon is an email marketing expert, Kajabi specialist and web designer based in the North East of England. She loves to support 'people who help people' and works with coaches, therapists and consultants, helping them to market their services and products online.

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